El Kadsreian Software Incorporated, often called EKS Inc. and formerly known as EKSoft, is an El Kadsreian computer software and technology company founded on December 23, 1974. Headquartered in El Kadsre City. EKS is known for famous products including EKS Sky hardware series, EKS Office, EKS PhotoLife, EKS Vortex, EKS Ranger, ViraPC, ViraPhone, ViraPad, ViraTop, MeloTune, ViraWatch, ViraOS, etc. and creating software, games, and applications for Windows, MacOS, TSUG, PTSUG, TVTSUG, WTSUG, Linux, Xenika, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nitrome Unity, Nintendo 3DS, Switch, and iOS.


Beginnings: 1974-1979

EKS was founded as EKSoft by John Edmund, Eddie Asahi, and Peter Kagawa with created their first software called Super Text Editor for TS-OS. In July 1975, they began developing and selling personal computer-related products and accessories and developing an own operating system codenamed EKSoft System I. 

In 1976, EKSoft released their own operating system called EK-DOS, which was the renamed form of VSTRO's operating system V-DOS. 

In 1978, EKSoft ventured into computer gaming with their first 3 games for TSOS and expanded to most countries.

The rise: 1984-1989

In December 1983, EKSoft released the first version of an operating system, Vortex System, originally a TS-OS clone after EKSoft and Theorysonic made the five-year deal.

In March 1984, Eddie Asahi leaves EKSoft and formed his own technology company named Ex-Com, though he later returned in 1994 after Ex-Com went bankrupt.

In September 1984, EKSoft launched an online service and internet service provider called, EKSoft Network. Which access the web portal, search engine, media, news, entertainment, games, stock quotes, sports, lifestyle, mail, online banking, and online forums and includes the modem, web browser, and a 3-month trial. The service became gained popularity in October 1985.

More technologies: 1989-present

Following the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union in 1989, EKSoft restructured and renamed as EKS along with relaunching services.

EKS got successful smartphones and mobile devices with ViraPhone in 1997.

EKS released the ViraPad in 2007 to compete with the TheoryTablet.


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