EKS Vortex (formerly known as Vortex System) is a graphical operating system developed and marketed by EKS. It was formerly a TS-UGOS clone from versions 1 to 2. It is designed to run on desktop and laptop computers, portable media players, smart TVs, EKS Ranger 400, EKS Ranger 500, and Ranger 6X game consoles, and other devices. The mobile counterpart is ViraOS. It was one of the most successful desktops operating systems along with Windows, macOS, Linux, Ubuntu, and TSUG.


EKSoft (now EKS) made an agreement with Theorysonic to make TS-OS clone. EKSoft stated, "the purpose of Vortex System is to make the operating system work on all computers unlike TS-OS, the operating system that can only work on Theorysonic computers".

When the Vlokozu Union was dissolved in 1989, EKS developed their non-TS-UGOS clone called EKS Vortex 3 from scratch.


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