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ERPT Studios is the Eruowoodian production arm of Eruowood Public Media Group. They are notable for dubbing and distributing Toei Animation anime and producing tokusatsu and western animated TV shows in English for airing on television and home media releases. ERPT Studios also distributes the Technic Heroes movies and TV shows in Eruowood.


Anime dubbing

  • Alphatron [1987-1990] (Lightspeed Electroid Albegas)
  • Delta Leo [1989] (Mirai Robo Daltanious)
  • Dragonball [1986-1995]
  • Dragonball GT [1998-1999]
  • Dragonball Z [1993-2000]
  • Transformers Fusion [1990-1991] (Transformers: The Headmasters)
  • Transformers Power Masters [1991-1992] (Transformers: Super-God Masterforce)
  • Transformers Victory [1992-1993]
  • Voltron Defender of the Universe [1986-1988] (Voltron Lion series)
  • Vulcan Fleet Force 2020 [1988-1989] (Voltron Vehicle series)

Western animation

  • Barney and the Backyard Gang [2018-present] (produced in association with TechEruo and Mattel)
  • Chocobots [1998-2002]
  • Home Alone: The Animated Series [1993-1995] (produced in association with 20th Century Fox)
  • Sesame Street [1976-present] (some Eruowood specific segments)
  • Mega Man [1988-1992]
  • Mega Man X [1995-2002]


Live action

  • Captain Bluebear's Clubhouse [1993-2000] (Käpt’n Blaubär Club)
  • Sesame Street [1976-present] (some Eruowood specific segments)