ETVKK is a Latin American TV channel launched in 2018. Although Latin American-centric, it is available on some providers in the United States.


In 2017, El TV Kadsre Television Network opened offices for the Latin American market in Lima, Peru. The objective of the offices is to launch Latin American versions of the El TV Kadsre channels. ETVKK launched on July 16, 2018.

List of programs

Animated programs

Logo Title (original language) Titles (Spanish and Portuguese) Original network Premiere date (original country) Premiere date (on ETVKK L.A.) Country of origin
Toad Patrol Logo
Toad Patrol La patrulla de sapitos (Spanish)
A Patrulha do Sapos (Portuguese)
Teletoon 1999 2018 Canada
Redwall Redwall (Spanish)
Os ratos de Redwall (Portuguese)
1999 2018 Canada
United Kingdom
TheTransformers Logo
The Transformers Los Transformers (Spanish)
Transformers (Portuguese)
Syndication 1984 2018 United States
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