ETVKK (formerly Children on EKTV, Children on El TV Kadsre, El TV Kadsre for Children and El TV Kadsre for Kids) is an El Kadsreian children's television strand owned by the El TV Kadsre Television Network and aimed for youth at aged from 7 to 17. El TV Kadsre programming aimed at under six-year-old children is broadcasted on the ETVKPS channel with some exceptions.

The block first launched in West El Kadsre on EKTV (now El TV Kadsre 1) on February 15, 1960. There also exists a digital free-to-air channel, which is available on most El Kadsreian digital platforms.

The ETVKK brand is also used for the broadcast of children's programmes on El TV Kadsre 1 on weekend afternoons and on El TV Kadsre 3 and El TV Kadsre 5 early mornings, plus blocks on El TV Kadsre Spanish, El TV Kadsre Japanese, El TV Kadsre Français, and El TV Kadsre Crootch aimed at children and teens speaking those languages, and a Saturday night block on BTV Me.

Outside El Kadsre, it is used/has been used for the broadcast of children's programmes on EYE TV1 in North El Kadsre since 2000; Treet TV1 in Mahri since 2002; VBC on Saturday mornings from 1998-2009, VTVEN from 2009-2018, and TWO2 from 2018-present and VBC on weekday mornings since 2010 in Vicnora; and STN 2 in Sentan from 2016-present. El TV Kadsre also has used the ETVKK brand for the children's blocks it programmed on TV Belliche in Bellich and NTV in Russia.

In Screencold and Line, SCLMedia made a localized version of ETVKK named SCL ETVKK.

The block is currently produced by Interaction Media for El TV Kadsre Television Network, and broadcasting fee by MatsuMedia and EK on Air.

It is also well known for "Gagheads", it's secondary presenters, most of which are clowns. In 2009, the show brought Mexican satirical clown Brozo the Creepy Clown (real name Víctor Trujillo) to the English-speaking world when he began appearing on the show.

Theme Songs

Starting in 1998, Barokian singer-songwriters Joaquín Gabaz and Veena Gabaz wrote and composed several theme songs for the block.




The block tapes segments and records live at El TV Kadsre Television Centre.



Guest Hosts



The "Gagheads" are presenters of the block who are not hosts in their own right but serve purposes.


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