• 6:00am; Morninghair
  • 6:01am; Paw Patrol (C)
  • 6:25am; Puzzle Inc. (P)
  • 6:35am; Magic Box (C)
  • 7:00am; Squirt North
  • 9:00am; ETVKK on EYE TV1
  • 9:01am; 100 Things To Do High School (PG)
  • 9:25am; The Loud House (G)
  • 9:40am; Art Attack El Kadsre (C)
  • 10:00am; Zip! (G)
  • 10:30am; Malcolm in The Middle (PG)
  • 11:00am; Spotify Chart Attack (PG)
  • 12:00pm; Invitation To A Royal Wedding
  • 1:00pm; Harry and Meghan: Royal Rebels
  • 2:00pm; MOVIES: Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance (2018) (PG)
  • 3:50pm; EYE TV Update - News and Weather
  • 4:00pm; Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan
  • 6:00pm; EYE TV News: Royal Wedding Special
  • 7:00pm; Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan (continued)
  • 11:00pm; Rage North (M)
  • 12:35am; Close (until at 6am)


  • 8:30am; News in Japan
  • 9:00am; Waka Huia El Kadsre
  • 10:00am; Fishcam
  • 12:00pm; MOVIES: The Red Turtle (2016) (G)
  • 1:55pm; Random North El Kadsre (G)
  • 2:55pm; EYE TV Update - News and Weather
  • 3:05pm; The Search for The Ocean's Super Predator (G)
  • 4:05pm; The Reel Thing (G)
  • 4:30pm; Trump: 100 Days (PG)
  • 5:15pm; Insight
  • 6:15pm; MOVIES: Diana (2013) (M)
  • 8:05pm; Secrets of Eurovision
  • 9:05pm; Eurovision Top 40 Controversies
  • 11:05pm; AnimeLab On-Air (M)
  • 11:35pm; Close (until at 8am)
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