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Edacra is an El Kadsreian video game company. It was founded in 1973 by Ikane Kuto. Edacra is known to be a important player of the early video games, producing numerous arcade games, including hits like Off the Line, Nova Orbis, Stop! and Antiblade.


Edacra was formed in 1973 in Cliffstown by Ikane Kuto. During its early years, Edacra produced parts for arcade cabnets as well as distributing Pong arcade cabnets in the Union. In 1976, Edacra started developing its own video games and on that same year, released Off the Line, which was considered to be Edacra's first success. In 1977, they released Nova Orbis, which met with massive success and was later adapted into the comic series published by United Vlokozuian Comics and later adapted into the film in 1978, in which Edacra created its own film production arm that produces films based on Edacra games.