Edret Games, formerly known as Edret Computers and Graphics is a Guyish game development studio based in Guy City, Republic of Guy. Since 1987, the company has been owned by Drillimation Studios. They have been famous for their Guyish Sniper video games, which became very popular in doujinshi and fanart. They have also been known for their point-and-click adventure game series Edret Aventures based on The Drillimation Series anime.


The former Edret Computers and Graphics logo, used from 1982 until 1987.

The company was founded by a young college graduate of the Guy City University named Mark Edret, who majored in Computer Science, due to the fact that there were no degrees in game development at that time. Using all that money he had from a graduation present, he purchased an Apple II and working independently, began making simple games for the Apple II.

In 1986, a new game, Mr. Driller, was gobbling up coins at Guyish arcades. Designed by Namco-owned Drillimation Studios, his friend, Alan Herper, had a Mr. Driller machine. During a visit, Edret wanted to know how Drillimation put the game together, and Herper took the machine apart to have Edret study the chips. This was the first time he encountered the new Driller Engine machine. Both Edret and Herper packed their bags and headed to Japan to talk with the game's creator, Hiroshi Takajima. During the talk, they wanted to make a game using the same arcade board Mr. Driller used. Despite all of that money that Takajima was earning from Mr. Driller's success, Takajima backed them by an unlimited budget and a license to use the MS-DOS program Driller Engine for designing games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

In 1987, Edret renamed the studio from Edret Computers and Graphics to Edret Games. The first game he designed on the new Driller Engine machine was Guyish Sniper, which had gameplay similar to the new Lucky Star game Drillimation produced.


Driller Engine 1

Game Year Arcade MS-DOS NES C64 Note(s)
Guyish Sniper 1987 Yes Yes Yes Yes First game developed.
Guyish Sniper 2: The Guerillas of Rouz 1988 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guyish Sniper 3: The War of the Crimsonites 1989 Yes Yes Yes Yes
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