Sealandia's education syetem is very different from most other contries and each school in a of certain City in Sealandia is ran by its Governor. School days typically last about 10 AM to 3 PM the day starts at 10 so students are less tired. Also in Sealandia Social Studies and Science are not required past Elementary School. Kids in Sealandia start when they are 7 and you get out when your 17. There no tests until 5th grade there is also no homework at all until 7th Grade but Still Studying for tests. Half of Sealandians Are Homeschooled instead of going to Public School


School Uniforms were mostly used in High Schools and Private Schools, Altho in December 2013 School Uniforms were banned due to a Child Rights Act, Now students can were their normal clothes to school even in Public and High Schools.


  • Sunday (No)
  • Monday (Yes)
  • Tuesday (Yes)
  • Wednesday (No) (Because that is when most Sealandians go to church)
  • Thursday (Yes)
  • Friday (Yes)
  • Saturday (No)

School Years

  • Pre-School: (Starts when 7)
  • Elementary School: 1st Grade to 5th Grade
  • Upper School (Basically Just High School): 5th Grade - 12th Grade
  • College (Not Required) (No Certain Years)

Other School Types

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