The Kingdom of Ektæózeruich (IPA: ɛ'k.tʱai.oʊ'.tszɛr.uʔɪχ) (Pronunciation respelling key: ehk-tʱyoh-tszer-oo-ihkh) (Low Noobian: Kаisúræš tó Ektæózeruich (IPA: [kai.sɯʔr̥.aiʃ.tu'.ɛ'k.tʱai.oʊ'.tszɛr.uʔɪχ), alternatively known as Noobloxia in Robloxian and American English or Jestrótæóich (Eastern Tæóich in Noobian) is a country in Far-western Europe. This country was established in AD 277 after a Motepflaishan invasion attempted to threaten their centuries of independence.



See Education in Ektæózeruich for more information.


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