El Kadsre City (Spanish: Ciudad de El Cadsiana; Japanese: エルカドスレ市 Erukadosure shì), is the capital city of El Kadsre. With El Kadsre City's population of 14,492,243, it's the largest city in El Kadsre. The city is located in West El Kadsre, in the south-west of the country. As New Salta, it was the capital city of the Sentanese Empire.


El Kadsre City was settled by the Tokugawans in 1818 as New Edo. At the time, the site of El Kadsre City was occupied by a few then-uncontacted Vicnoran tribes. At the end of the 19th century, it became the largest city in New Japan (now El Kadsre, Mahri, Sentan and North El Kadsre). In 1914, after the Sentanese Empire was established, the city was renamed to New Salta.

In September 27, 1950 at the conclusion of the Eight-Day War, the troops of the Kadsreius Sentanese Republic seized control of the city, which this event was commonly called the "fall of New Salta" and upon the establishment of the Republic of El Kadsre, the city was renamed to "El Kadsre City".




  • Futsuhai School (primary)
  • Waterlake High School
  • University of West El Kadsre
  • UCOL
  • North American International School (there are several)

Shopping Mall



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The city's population is about 18,324,353. (2019 estimate)


The main rail commuter transport is El Kadsre City Metro.

Notable bus companies include

The main airport is El Kadsre City International Airport

Highways in El Kadsre City are located between M632, M567, and Capital Highways

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