El Kadsre Disneyland Resort is a under-construction resort physically located in Pomogany and the unincorporated Miku Village with a Llyne mailing address near El Kadsre City, El Kadsre. It is under the ownership of and being built by EKDR Properties Ltd., a joint-venture of Matsushita Capital Group, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, and The Oriental Land Company, in association with The Walt Disney Company of El Kadsre. Construction began in August 2015, and the park is set to open on June 20, 2020, following the ramping up of construction due to the temporary closures of Shanghai Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort due to the coronavirus pandemic. The final cost of the resort and it's parks has been projected to be EK$580 billion.

History and development


In 2005, two different offers for an El Kadsreian Disney theme park were respectively proposed by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and The Oriental Land Company. In 2007, the two merged their offer with a suggestion from El TV Kadsre Television Network to create the final plan for the El Kadsre Disneyland Resort. Several political parties, including the Rick Henson List, heavily supported the construction of the resort, with Rick Henson calling the park "the greatest investment El Kadsre can make to prove their place in the world of tourism". Andrew Kayos also said "One French right-wing journalist wanted Disneyland Paris to be burnt by "the rebels". Sadly, no rebels have burnt Disneyland Paris at all since those rebels are serving 4 years-through-death row sentences for trying to install tyrannic socialist regimes across Europe."

EKDR Properties Ltd. was formed by Matsushita Capital Group, Disney, and the Oriental Land Company in 2010 with Disney investing US$110 million for a large equity stake in the project. Over 2010-2012, the park was planned out and locations were scouted out, with Carwardine Parks assisting with location scouting. Disney was concerned about opposition, and in June 2012 flew a group of opponents to the project, prominent El Kadsreian intellectuals, celebrities, politicians, and regional councilors from towns in the El Kadsre City area to Florida to show them the positive impact of Walt Disney World and it's parks on the local community. Disney also arranged a second trip for the same group later in the same month in 2012 to Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit Disney-Carwardine Studios Minneapolis to showcase it's positive impact on the community.

In 2013, the Parliament of El Kadsre almost unanimously gave approval for funding the construction of the park in the towns/villages of Pomogany, Miku Village, and Llyne in the El Kadsre City area. Funding for construction was also approved by the Board of Selectmen for Miku Village and the Town Hall Councils of Pomogany and Llyne.

In an effort to avoid cultural friction similar to what happened when Disneyland Paris (then Euro Disney Resort) opened in France, Disney took efforts to make the parks reflect the local culture. There are many El Kadsreian stylings to the park, especially in it's design. El Kadsre Disneyland Resort's castmembers are recommended, but not required, to be 100% bilingual or polyglot.


In August 2015, construction began on El Kadsre Disneyland, El Kadsre Disney Adventure, and El Kadsre DisneySea. Disney's Animal Kingdom of El Kadsre began construction soon afterwards.

On May 2, 2020, rehearsals for live shows and performances began to be held at Charlesburg Lake Park (not affiliated with the Disney chain, but however affiliated with the Matsushita family) in Glonisla and Disney's America in Warrenton, Missouri, both of which had been closed temporarily due to the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic.

The Complex




  • It's more like Disney World than Disneyland.
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