Template:Infobox stadiumThe El Kadsre Entertainment Center (formerly known as the Galactic Arena and the El Kadsre SuperArena) is a indoor multipurpose arena in El Kadsre City, El Kadsre. It is owned by the Matsushita family and operated by SMG. It opened on May 2, 1952. It was the first indoor arena in El Kadsre and is part of the El Kadsre International Sports & Expo Complex.

The facility costed ¥360,000 ($101,775 in 2018 dolars) to build and it was designed by Jay Mothersbaugh & Sons Ltd. and built by Obayashi Corporation, Mitsui Construction, and Lemminkäinen with a original seating capacity of 18,200 that was raised to 20,000 in it's 1980 renovation and 24,500 in it's 2014 renovation. Renovations were carried out in 1980 and 2014 by Obayashi Corporation.

The center's outer metal cladding, added in the early 1970s, was originally colored lavender. It was later repainted into white during the 1980 renovation.

It has a roll-out ice rink which was installed during the aforementioned 1980 renovation, that replaces normal melting/temporary removal/coverup of the ice for multipurpose events. It was a technological marvel when it was installed, and still is to this day.

It is home to the EKBA's El Kadsre City Hawks, the EKHL's El Kadsre City Shredders, and the Ekstraliga El Kadsre's Sparta El Kadsre City.

The venue also has a El TV Kadsre Cinemas 10-screen site and a small indoor mall in the basement.



The Beatles performed at the venue in 1966. It was the first ever concert to be held at the El Kadsre Entertainment Center (then named the Galactic Arena).

Devo performed at the venue in 1978 on their Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! tour. The concert was originally scheduled to occur at the Stuartsville Supper Club. The band returned for concerts in 1980 (Freedom of Choice tour), 1981 (New Traditionalists tour), 1983 (Oh No, It's Devo! Oceania tour), 1988 (Total Devo tour), and 2012 (Something for Everybody tour).

New Zealand band Six60 performed at the arena in 2013, 2015, and 2018.

Rinava have performed at the arena every year since 1981 with their yearly Pachinko Pachinko EKC concert.


The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus performed at the venue several times in the mid-2000's. During these performances, SMG and the local authorities set up a "free speech zone" for animal rights activists to protest inside in an alleyway beside a Kenny Rogers Roasters across the street.


The World Championship ICE Racing Series began racing at the arena in 2016.

The arena is the home of the motorcycle speedway team Sparta El Kadsre City of Ekstraliga El Kadsre.

Live Shows

In 1993, it hosted the George Lucas' Super Live Adventure stage tour.


The El Kadsre City Hawks of the EKBA and the El Kadsre City Shredders of the EKHL play their home games at the arena.


The EKEC is famous for it's masquerade balls.

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