El Kadsre Post provides postal services in the El Kadsreian Islands and overseas territories of El Kadsre. "El Kadsre Post" is the trading name, El Kadsre Postal Corporation (formerly the El Kadsreian Postal Commission) is the El Kadsreian-Government-owned entity responsible for the services.

The head office of El Kadsre Post is located at Glonisla, El Kadsre. This location also serves as a post office.

Services include mail, international & domestic air mail, postbus routes, post by rail (provided by EKRail, South Shore Line El Kadsre, TransKadsre Trains, Capulco Trams, and the El Kadsre City Metro), and hybrid mail services.

For services in North El Kadsre, the El Kadsre Postal Service transports EKP equipment to the country.


The postal services was founded in 1846 as Sentan Island Postal Service. In 1950, it became El Kadsre Postal Service, changed to current name since 1989.

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