El Kadsreian English (EkE; en-EK) is a set of verieties of the English language native to El Kadsre. Although the English language has no official status in the Constitution of El Kadsre, El Kadsreian English is one of three of country's national and de facto official language as it is the primary language of the country while Japanese and Spanish being secondary languages.

It’s also the official english of rest of the El Kadsreian Islands, Ivalice, East Coronog, Filase, Orca Island and Kironai.

El Kadsreian English contains major elements of both Australian, New Zealander and American English.

Differences between El Kadsreian English and other variants of language

  • "The" tends to be used more than "A" and/or "An" at times.
  • "difficult" tends to be used more than "hard" as the adverb.
  • The word "migrate" is refereed to "miagrate"
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