Map of El Kadsreian Islands

The Map of El Kadsreian Islands.

The El Kadsreian Islands (formerly Arito Islands and the Sentanese Islands) is an archipelago located off the coast of western North America consisting of thirty-five countries, as well as one autonomous administrative division of Spain and two U.S. territories. Fourteen El Kadsreian territories also count as part of the El Kadsreian islands despite only three of them being located in the archipelago. The El Kadsreian Islands formed in 1471, when the devastating earthquake, measuring 9.8 on the richter scale, caused the Arito subcontinent to partially sink to the ocean.
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Map Flag Country Area (square km) Notes Capital Population (2019 estimate)
Map of El Kadsre Flag of El Kadsre El Kadsre 978,148 Largest country in the El Kadsreian Islands by area. El Kadsre City 62,644,654
Map of North El Kadsre Flag of North El Kadsre North El Kadsre 65,083 Makohiro 35,393,397
Map of Sentan Flag of Sentan Sentan 133,631 Fusa 42,531,572
Map of Mahri Flag of Mahri Mahri 94,383 Abeta 42,932,399
Map of Vicnora Flag of Vicnora Vicnora 89,919 Tugaganda 20,497,839
Map of Screencold and Line Flag of Screencold and Line Screencold and Line 3,183 Smallest country in the El Kadsreian Islands by area. Has the most languages out of every country in this area. The only country in the area that has English as its only official language. Screencold City 9,002,917
Map of Narthernee Flag of Narthernee Narthernee 783,689 Norwich 56,898,738
Map of Jazila Flag of Jazila Jazila 96,521 Rammbad 34,003,281
Map of Engotu Flag of Engotu Engotu 126,316 Kayokura 13,018,782
Map of Aquaria IMPROVED Flag of Aquaria Aquaria 975,130 Aqua City 4,635,765
Map of Ransdam Flag of Randsdam Ransdam 150,330 Luitburg 1,670,112
Map of Haalis Flag of Haalis Haalis 134,068 Wandet 49,194,823
Map of Trayu Flag of Trayu Trayu 240,481 Uylok 28,589,223
Map of Raland Flag of Raland Raland 444,548 Villamonte 41,553,221
Map of Ahmara Flag of Ahmara Ahmara 325,231 Bakirastan 31,113,903
Map of Faricia Flag of Faricia Faricia 338,401 Al-Rohad 40,029,991
Map of Oza Islands Flag of Oza Islands Oza Islands 146,465 Naptennu 22,991,474
Map of Fir Flag of Fir Fir 132,296 Zallul 16,481,020
Map of Kowokam Flag of Kowokam Kowokam 76,803 Kotsi 58,029,177
Map of Utikalor Flag of Utikalor Utikalor 287,458 Largest country in the area by population. Pakuwai 72,029,285
Map of Gauboran Flag of Gauboran (1984-present) Gauboran 22,409 Vansker 5,920,390
Map of Nakiro Flag of Nakiro Nakiro 37,695 Holy Springs 55,661,000
Map of Spanish Nakiro Flag of Spanish Nakiro Spanish Nakiro 40,477 Autonomous administrative division of Spain Balista 19,882,191
Map of Totomarina Flag of Totomarina Totomarina 13,760 Only country in the El Kadsreian Islands to have the Barokian language as an official language Ciudad de Totomarina 893,100
Map of San Enrique Flag of San Enrique San Enrique 8,578 Prevendra 930,719
Map of Bellich Flag of Bellich Bellich 10,048 Eravioska 6,574,328
Map of Kokone Flag of Kokone Kokone 17,148 Hera 3,732,643
Map of Veko Flag of Veko Veko 17,518 One of only two countries in the El Kadsreian Islands to have stayed a neutral country since it was founded International Vekian City 5,678,000
Map of Trishel Flag of Trishel Trishel 45,566 Unincorporated territory of the United States. Forest Town 5,926,001
Map of Costa de Gaviotas Flag of Costa de Gaviotas Costa de Gaviotas 3,465 Only other country in the El Kadsreian Islands to have stayed a neutral country since it was founded Ciudad de Gaviotas 1,897,001
Map of Nueva Peking Flag of Nueva Peking Nueva Peking 14,826 Has the most Chinese speakers in the El Kadsreian Islands and formerly an external territory of El Kadsre. Meinu 6,700,012
Map of Noordarito Noordarito 4,183 Vewu 901,000
Map of Rangenta Rangenta 13,401 Unincorporated territory of the United States. The smallest country in the El Kadsreian Islands by population. Attenborough 212,991
Flag of Oseaanlanden Flag of Oseaanlanden Oseaanlanden 346,360 A former Dutch colony that became a corporate republic in 2020. Nywelderkamp (aka Nywerheidskompleks) 60,995,198
Map of Luciferia Flag of Luciferia Luciferia 55,887 Has been a neutral country since 2013 ever since its dictator, brought in by the pink tide, was overthrown. It's the only Islamic country in the El Kadsreian Islands that's outside of the Southern El Kadsreian Islands. Thrutit 12,940,815


Map Flag Territory Notes Capital Population (2019 estimate)
Map of Seahaus Flag of Seahaus Seahaus Laverne Town 1,483,920
Lechutan Map Flag of Lechutan Lechutan Smallest territory in the El Kadsreian Islands by area. Yokotari 8,603,295
Map of Taugaran Flag of Taugaran Taugaran Hoganon 5,798,631
Eukestauzia map Flag of Eukestauzia Eukestauzia Priazia 10,838
Map of the Ikeda Islands Flag of the Ikeda Islands Ikeda Islands Edoa 2,383,393
Map of Hokushi Flag of Hokushi Hokushi Tennjo 7,028,221
Map of Schaalberg Flag of Schaalberg Schaalberg Solf 2,508,200
Map of Welchemens Flag of Welchemens Welchemens Raels 3,305,290
Map of Amber Islands Flag of Amber Islands Amber Islands Le Ambre 3,192,200
Map of Kamakiri Island Flag of Kamakiri Island Kamakiri Island Shimakessai 8,221
Vigael Amurish 4,839,292
Filase Rekano 12,323,524
Kaiji Kaiju ? ?
EKAT Flag of the El Kadsreian Antarctic Territory El Kadsreian Antarctic Territory Smallest territory in the El Kadsreian Islands by population. ? Summer Winter
approx. 150 60
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