EKTop100 2018

El Kadsreian Top 100 is a music chart that originated from El Kadsre, organized by Official El Kadsre Charts. It was first issued in March 1962 as El Kadsre Music. This name was changed in March 1998, where the name was changed to the current name. Since then, the chart has expanded into several other charts. It has 100 chart positions.

The chart airs Saturday (barring special Christmas activations to declare the Christmas no. 1 single) from 12:00pm to 4:00pm on Self Radio.

Artist milestones

Most number-one singles

  • Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

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End of year chart

At the end of every year, El Kadsre counts down its Top 100 Hits. Throughout the years, the following songs have topped the end of the year number 1 chart.

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All-time charts

The all-time charts selling in the El Kadsreian Top 100 is number 1st for "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran. Since February 2017, the single has sold over 4.92 million copies in the El Kadsre. Former all-time chart number 1st for "Move Along" by The All-American Rejects released by April 2006 for until January 2017, the number 2 still since Feburary 2017, the single has sold over 4.78 million copies in the El Kadsre.

Decade-end charts

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