Source: TV Guide El Kadsre, 25th-31st March 2017



  • 5:59am; Handover to ETVKK
  • 6:00am; LazyTown (IS)
  • 6:25am; Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (US)
  • 6:50am; Jamie's Got Tentacles!
  • 7:05am; Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (FR)
  • 7:30am; The Rock Band Girls (US)
  • 7:45am; Yuvi's New World (NN)
  • 8:10am; DJ Mouse (VO)
  • 8:20am; RWBY Chibi (US)
  • 8:25am; My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (US)
  • 8:50am; Galax Wars (VO)
  • 9:15am; The Drillimation Series: Star Trigon (JP)
  • 9:40am; Camp Lakebottom (CA)
  • 9:55am; El TV Kadsre Education
  • 9:56am; Words and Pictures (RM)
  • 10:15am; Watch (VO)
  • 10:30am; What's Next
  • 11:00am; Zig Zag
  • 11:20am; Megamaths (NN)
  • 11:30am; Working Lunch (NK)
  • 12:00pm; Heartland (CA)
  • 12:55pm; Lindsay & Lindsay (VO)
  • 1:20pm; MyStreet (RM)
  • 1:45pm; Degrassi: Next Class (CA)
  • 2:10pm; Technic Heroes Action Pack
  • 2:40pm; Legend Quest (MX)
  • 3:10pm; FINALE: Star vs. The Forces of Evil (US)
  • 3:40pm; The Loud House (US)
  • 3:55pm; RWBY Chibi (US)
  • 4:00pm; Newsround El Kadsre
  • 4:30pm; Blue Peter El Kadsre
  • 5:00pm; Good Game Spawn Point El Kadsre
  • 5:30pm; FINALE: Sword Art Online II (JP)
  • 6:00pm; A Series of Unfortunate Events (US)

El TV Kadsre 3

  • 6:59pm; Handover to El TV Kadsre 3
  • 7:00pm; 60 Seconds
  • 7:01pm; The Simpsons (US)
  • 7:30pm; My Kitchen Rules El Kadsre
  • 9:30pm; Shooting Stars (RM)
  • 10:00pm; The Roast (RM)
  • 10:10pm; FINALE: A Day in Life of Zach Attack (RM)
  • 10:35pm; Triple J TV with The Cyber
  • 11:35pm; FINALE: Filthy Rich (NZ)
  • 12:35am; Rage El Kadsre
  • 4:05am; El TV Kadsre 24
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