El TV Kadsre 5 is an El Kadsreian free-to-air television channel operated by El TV Kadsre Television Network. It's the fifth and digital-only TV channel out of all the El TV Kadsre channels. It was launched on March 23, 1999 as Langu Television. El TV Kadsre 5 is primarily aimed at audiences ages 2 to 60 and it airs mixed of variety entertainment content. The channel broadcasts in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages with subtitles. The channel free airs every day at 24 hours.

The majority of it's stations in the MatsuMedia transmitter network are licensed as multicultural stations.


From 1999 to September 2003, programming on Langu Television consisted of broadcasts from New Zealand, South Korean, Chinese, and Japanese satellite television, mainly TV One, TV2, Fuji TV, MBC, CCTV and more.

In September 2003, Langu was acquired by El TV Kadsre Television Network, and it became El TV Kadsre 5.


Current programming

Original programming

News & information

  • TVNZ 1 News (New Zealand) [2004-present]
  • Seven Sharp (New Zealand) [2013-present]
  • Te Karere (New Zealand) [2004-present] (presented with English subtitles)
  • TVNZ Breakfast (New Zealand) [2004-present]
  • TV Asashi JapaNews 24 (Japan) [2007-present] (presented with English subtitles)
  • News at 5 [2020-present]

Imported drama

  • Tanglin (Singapore) [2015-present]
  • Laid-Back Camp (Japan; live-action drama) [2020-present]

Imported asianovela (as part of El TV Kadsre 5 The Heart of Asia)

  • Angel's Last Mission: Love (South Korea) [2020-present]
  • Meteor Garden (China) [2018-present]

Imported animation

  • Rex the Runt (United Kingdom) [2004-present] [Re-aired]

Imported reality

  • Terrace House (Japan) (2013-present)


  • Music Station (Japan) [2004-present] [Subbed]
  • Rage [2004-present]
  • Spotify Chart Attack (United El Kadsreian Nations) [2012-present]
  • Utacon (Japan) [2016-present] [Subbed]
  • AKB48 Show! (Japan) [2014-present] [Subbed]

Children's and Teenagers (ETVKK)

  • Yo-Kai Watch (Japan) [2016-present]
  • Robotboy (United Kingdom/France) [2006-present]
  • Thomas & Friends (United Kingdom) [2005-present]
  • Little Witch Academia (Japan) [2018-present]
  • Love Live! Sunshine (Japan) [2017-present]
  • Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (South Korea/France) [2016-present]
  • Zip Zip (France/Germany) [2018-present]
  • Cookin' Idol Ai! Mai! Main! (Japan) [2019-present]
  • We Are Triplets (El Kadsre/Canada) [2019-present]
  • What Now? (New Zealand) [1999-present]

Preschool (ETVKPS)

  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (China) [2011-present]
  • The Adventures of Little Carp (China) [2018-present]
  • Anpanman (Japan) [2012-present]
  • Little Robots (United Kingdom) [2013-present]
  • Shimajirō: A World of Wow (Japan) [2012-present]
  • Go Jetters (United Kingdom) [2016-present]
  • Bluey (Australia) [2019-present]
  • Pingu (Switzerland) [2012-present]
  • Bumble (New Zealand) [2016-present]
  • Doki (Canada) [2017-present]
  • Hilltop Hospital (United Kingdom) [2011-present]
  • Lazy Lucy (France) [2013-present]


  • AKBingo! (Japan) [2008-present] [Subbed]
  • Sunday Japon (Japan) [2005-present] [Subbed]
  • Asia's Got Talent (Singapore) [2015-present]
  • Fair Go (New Zealand) [2004-present]
  • Japan Video Topics [2000-present]
  • CDTV (Japan) [2020-present]
  • Channel Japan [2013-present]


  • Mnet Asian Music Awards (South Korea) [2004-present]
  • Eurovision Song Contest [2019-present] [Also aired on El TV Kadsre 1 and Banushen Television]
  • MTV Video Music Awards (Japan) [2002-present]

Former programming

Original programming

News & information

  • Close Up (New Zealand) [2004-2013]
  • CCTV Xinwen Lianbo (China) [1999-2019]
  • CNN 10 (United States) [2005-2019]
  • BBC World News (United Kingdom) [1999-2019]
  • MBC Newsdesk (South Korea) [1999-2011]
  • Euronews [1999-2010]
  • 3 News (New Zealand) [1999-2004]
  • FCI Newscatch (Japan) [1999-2020]

Imported drama

  • My Girl (South Korea) [2006-2007]
  • Princess Hours (South Korea) [2007]
  • Coffee Prince (South Korea) [2008]
  • Doctor X (Japan) [2013-2018]
  • Garo (Japan) [2006-2007]
  • Goddes of Fire (South Korea) [2014]
  • Black (South Korea) [2017-2018]
  • Story of Yanxi Place (China) [2019]
  • Power of Love (Japan) [2002]
  • Wedding Planner (Japan) [2002]
  • Hero (Japan) [2001]

Imported comedy

  • Saturday Night Live Korea (South Korea) [2012-2018]

Imported anime

  • The Familiar of Zero (Japan) [2010-2017]
  • Miracle Girls (Japan) [1999-2000]
  • Dragon Ball Z (Japan) [2001-2005]


  • Coca-Cola New Releases (New Zealand) [2004-2007]
  • HEY! HEY! HEY! Music Champ (Japan) [1999-2012]
  • popjapan.tv [2005-2006]

Children's and Teenagers (ETVKK)

  • Sword Art Online (Japan) [2014]
  • Sword Art Online II (Japan) [2016-2017]
  • Medabots (Japan) [2005-2006]

Preschool (ETVKPS)

  • Teletubbies (United Kingdom) [2011-2017]
  • You & Me (New Zealand) [2011-2014]


  • Good Morning (New Zealand) [2000-2015]
  • Mai Time (New Zealand) [2001-2007]
  • Ice TV (New Zealand) [1999-2001]
  • Quiz $ Millionaire (The Japanese version of Who's Wants to Be a Millionaire?) [2000-2013]
  • Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Puffy (Japan) [1998-2002]


as Langu Television

  • Pacific television. (1999-2006)

as El TV Kadsre 5

  • The Aqua Network (2006-2020)
  • The light network. (2006-2020)
  • Hands-free television. (2010-2020)
  • Family television. (2020-present)
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