El TV Kadsre Animation, formerly known as Islands Animation (Japanese: 諸島アニメーション, Hepburn: Shotō Animēshon) and often abbreviated as ETVKA, is an El Kadsreian animation studio based in El Kadsre City, El Kadsre. It is currently owned and operated by the El TV Kadsre Television Network, who mainly air their productions on all their channels. The company mainly participates in the production of anime series, animated series, as well as films and video games.

El TV Kadsre Animation is mainly famous for producing numerous anime adaptations and animated series mainly on works of El Kadsreian literature and manga, such as Jamie's got Tentacles!, The Romanya Chronicles, Planet Ripple and Akari Kagamine and the Rainbow Mirror. Original programming is also part of their spectrum as well. El TV Kadsre is also known for Warrior Cats. El TV Kadsre Animation has also produced anime adaptations of a few video game series, such as Touhou Project: The Animated Series and Onmyoji: The Animated Series. One of Seymour Games' founders, Hitoshi Tomoyuki, directed several of these series. ranked the studio as #2 on the Top Ten Animation Studios of El Kadsre.

The company also has international offices in Minecraftia, and satellite studios in Madwyn and Eirabourne, El Kadsre as well as in Sweden (ETVKA Gothenburg), Cambodia (Cambodian ETVKA Studios), and China (ETVKA Dragon). The company also has a budget studio in Glonisla called Glonisla Animation and a Tokyo-based subsidiary called Tsukuda Animation Studios.


The company was founded on May 4, 1937, as Islands Animation. The studio was founded after two of its followers watched various animated shorts by the works of Disney and Fleischer Studios, and produced various series of theatrical shorts. In May 1957, El TV Kadsre purchased the studio and in 1964, it was renamed as El TV Kadsre Animation.

After the success of Hanna-Barbera's The Huckleberry Hound Show, Islands Animation began shifting their resources to television in the early 1960s.

In 1984, the Vlokozu Union government opened a satellite studio for ETVKA in Sweden. Named ETVKA Gothenburg (legal name Gothenburg Animeringfabrik El TV Kadsre AB), it is nicknamed "The Swedish Backup" by animators and staff.

In 1990, ETVKA opened their second subsidiary, this one in Minecraftia, and titled El TV Kadsre Animation Minecraftia. It is based in Coronary Falls, New Saitama.

One of their most well-known series throughout the 1990s was the anime adaptation Akari Kagamine and the Rainbow Mirror, based on Hinata Kazunori's novel of the same name. The anime adaptation is more popular than the novel and was a hit in Japan, leading to more than 200,000 Japanese fans to visit El Kadsre City every year since the late 1990s. In the mid-1990s, ETVKA began animating cutscenes for video games, with their first being the 1996 arcade game Akari Kagamine and the Luminous Bricks.

In 2003, Cambodian king Norodom Sihanouk and then-El TV Kadsre head Shirou Matsushita opened a new satellite studio for ETVKA in Cambodia, Cambodian ETVKA Studios. The opening made Cambodia a new entrant in overseas animation production.

In 2017, another satellite studio, ETVKA Dragon (legal name Shanghai El TV Kadsre Animation Film & Television Technology Co., Ltd.), opened in China.

As of 2018, they have headed production of over 302 animated series and more than 400 films.


TV series


Name Genre Original Run Episodes Note(s)
The Given Takers Musical, Comedy September 17, 1981 - February 3, 1988 98 Episodes 99 - 101 were unaired.

Co-produced by Nelvana.

Princess Felicia TBA October 2, 1982 - September 24, 1983 52 Co-produced by Rahimtoola Films Bahezki, CinéGroupe, and Group TAC.
101 Dalmations: The Series Comedy, Drama, Musical, Adventure February 14, 1986 - December 18, 1991 122 Based on the 1961 animated film.

Co-produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, Kitty Films, Studio Deen (1985 pilot and Seasons 1-4), Nelvana (1985 pilot and Season 1), Pacific Animation (Seasons 2 and 3), Film Roman (Seasons 4-6) and Magic Bus (Seasons 5-6).

Dog Prince Epan-kun TBA 1986 - TBA 65 Spin-off of Princess Felicia.

Co-produced by Rahimtoola Films Bahezki, CinéGroupe, and Group TAC.

Kotaku Wars Action, Adventure, Fantasy November 5, 1989 - September 26, 1992 112 Co-produced by STN Productions


Name Genre Original Run Episodes Note(s)
Mixels Comedy, Fantasy February 12, 1994 - October 1, 1996 31 Co-produced by Treet Television
Gumball Comedy, Fantasy March 9, 1995 - February 12, 2005 250 Co-produced by InterArts Studios and B-Jack Productions.
Akari Kagamine and the Rainbow Mirror Slice of Life, Magical Girl, Fantasy July 9, 1994 - July 1, 1995 52 Based on Hinata Kazunori's novel of the same name.
Keio Flying Squadron Magical Girl, Action-Adventure August 15, 1995 - May 3, 1996 77 Co-produced by Arnold Shapiro Productions and Studio Pierrot and based off the video game by JVC of the same name
Akari and Haruki's Child Slice of Life, Magical Girl, Fantasy April 6, 1997 - August 16, 1998 72 Sequel to Akari Kagamine and the Rainbow Mirror and another adaptation of the novel by the same author.
Touhou Project: The Animated Series Fantasy August 28, 1999 - August 4, 2001 102 Based on the Drillimation game series of the same name. Co-produced by Drillimation Studios.


Name Genre Original Run Episodes Note(s)
It's Jerry and Harry Slice of Life, Comedy September 1, 2001 - August 25, 2007 311 Based on the comic book series of the same name. Produced by the Minecraftia subsidiary. One episode was unaired due to the 9/11 attacks.
The Roboroach: Bio-Enhanced Armor Science-fiction, Superhero June 10, 2000 - April 25, 2003 90 Co-produced by Drillimation Studios and Silver Bullet Television. Based on the Exclamation Comics character by Akira Hisashi.
Cracks in the Reflection Drama January 2002 - April 2005 Co-produced by Octagon Studios.
Monster Jam Heroes Action, Adventure April 5, 2002 - January 7, 2004 65 Co-produced by Clear Channel Entertainment and animated overseas by Beochan na hÉireann in Ireland.
Bubbles in the School Action, Comedy, Fantasy September 21, 2003 - March 25, 2012 200
Gracie The Church Cat Comedy March 4, 2007 - January 11, 2015 245 Based off the furry webcomic "Gracie".
Warrior Cats Action May 2, 2007 - present 230 Co-produced by HarperCollins and Redlands Entertainment and based on the Warriors (book series) novels by Erin Hunter
Super Trains Action November 1, 2009 - August 28, 2016 177 Co-produced by Euskal Irrati Telebista and Portfolio Entertainment


Name Genre Original Run Episodes Note(s)
Esaïe Comedy, adventure April 1, 2010 - present 400+ Co-produced by Gingo Animation and Decode Entertainment (seasons 1 and 2 and episodes of season 3 until July 2011)
Idol Force Twinkle Rocket Magical girl, Music, Slice of life August 26, 2011 - November 21, 2013 53 Co-produced by Silver Bullet Television
Jamie's Got Tentacles! Science fiction, comedy September 18, 2011 - September 16, 2012,

January 8 - October 13, 2016

104 Based on the book series of the same name.
Monster Raiders Action, Fantasy October 11, 2012 - May 29, 2014 135 Co-produced by Television New Zealand
Seeker Bears Action, Adventure June 20, 2013 - present 185 Produced by the Cambodian division in association with Redlands Entertainment and HarperCollins and based on the novels by Erin Hunter
Wings of Fire Action, Adventure May 5, 2014 - present 105 Co-production with Redlands Entertainment and Scholastic and based on the novels by Tui Sutherland
The Heathcliff & Riff-Raff Show Comedy January 9, 2016 - present 2 Co-production with Figgelmünch Film Animation of Puerto Chango.
Magic Vari Slice of Life, Magical Girl, Fantasy March 7, 2016 - present 11
Vampire Pixel in The Neon City Action, Comedy May 29, 2016 - present 24
Joy of the World Comedy, Drama June 9, 2016 - present 23 Based on Johnathan Wrathborne's of the same name.
Co-produced by Ultra Productions.
Countryballs: The Animated Series Comedy, Satire September 29, 2016 - present 203 Based on the "Polandball" Internet meme.
The New Star Trigon Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Satire, Slice of Life February 26, 2017 - present 124 Originally animated by Kyoto Animation, animation for the second half of season 3 taken over by ETVKA after the terrorist attack on Kyoto Animation.
Survivor Dogs Action, Adventure March 5, 2017 - present 62 Co-produced by HarperCollins and Redlands Entertainment and based on the novels by Erin Hunter
The Kindergarten Detectives: Animated Series Comedy April 29, 2017 - present 12 Based on Loreal Harris' work of the same name.
The Countryhumans Comedy June 1, 2017 - August 30, 2019 Co-produced by Octo Company (season 1), Pancake Studio (season 2), and Drillimation Studios.
Life in Susie Comedy June 15, 2017 - present 5
LazyTown Forever Educational
January 2018 A live-action/animated series that is a continuation of LazyTown. Co-production with LTS Garðbær Studios, Figgelmünch Film Animation, RÚV, Turner Broadcasting System Europe, and DHX Media
Companyballs Comedy February 8, 2018 - present 32 Co-produced by Animation NW (season 1), Ink Pen Films (season 2-present), and Grandimation Sanbe.
Onmyoji: The Animated Series Fantasy, Adventure February 25, 2018 - present Based on NetEase's video game of the same name. Co-produced by Drillimation Studios.
Stellaluna: The Animated Series Adventure, Educational March 5, 2018 - present Based on the book of the same name by Janell Cannon.
Sherlock Hound Returns Mystery June 15, 2018 - present Sequel to the 1980's anime Sherlock Hound. Co-produced by RAI, TMS Entertainment, and Motion Pictures S.A.
Fluffarella Comedy October 2, 2018 - present Produced mainly by the Gothenburg division.
Bravelands Action, Adventure January 2, 2019 - present 50 Co-produced by HarperCollins and Redlands Entertainment and based on the novels by Erin Hunter.
Koof Edutainment March 5, 2019 - present 96
We Are Triplets Comedy, Musical August 1, 2019 - present Spin-off of Chuck's Choice. Co-produced by DHX Media, Corus Entertainment and YTV Canada.
All About Lucas Comedy December 27, 2019 - present Overseas animation studio. Co-produced by Disney Television Animation.

Video games

Name Release date Genre(s) Original developer(s) Note(s)
Akari Kagamine and the Luminous Bricks August 1996 Arcade, Puzzle, Action Seymour Games Opening and ending cutscenes
Akari Kagamine and the Stick of Alchemy March 1997 Arcade, Cute 'em up Seymour Games Opening and ending cutscenes
Patry: Smash It! December 2010 Platformer Seymour Games Character animations, as well as the intro and ending cutscenes.



Name Release date Genre Running time Distributor(s) Note(s) RT MC
Blueworld May 22, 1997 Science fiction, Action 114 minutes El TV Kadsre Films, Toei Company, Ltd. Based on the 1973 manga of the same name by Kichirou Tsukuda.
Queen Marisa: The Founding Mother of Minecraftia December 7, 2001 Historical Drama 144 minutes El TV Kadsre Films Co-produced by the Minecraftia subsidiary, based on Sakura Koizumi's novel of the same name. 97 86
Toad Patrol: Destiny of Toad Hollow April 15, 2004 Adventure 23 minutes Latikuu Direct-to-video animated film based on the Canadian animated series Toad Patrol.
Esaïe: The Movie August 9, 2013 Comedy El TV Kadsre Films Based off the series of the same name.
Countryballs: The Movie Winter 2019 Comedy, Satire Unknown Azara Pictures
El TV Kadsre Films
Treet Films
20th Century Fox
Based on the TV series and internet meme.


Name Release date Genre Running time Distributor(s) Note(s)
The Magic Roundabout July 8, 2005 Fantasy, Adventure El TV Kadsre Films, Pathé
The Princess and The Cobbler August 16, 2018 Fantasy, Adventure 88 minutes El TV Kadsre Films, Allied FIlmmakers
Terkel in Trouble January 4, 2019 Comedy 77 minutes El TV Kadsre Films, Nordisk Film Produced by A. Film A/S, TV 2 Denmark and Danish Film Instituite


El TV Kadsre Animation at first relied on cel animation to produce their series and movies, with animators working 15 hours a day to produce installments of series or movies. During the 1990s, ETVKA began animating their media using Alias PowerAnimator running on Silicon Graphics machines sent over by Drillimation Studios. Nowadays, ETVKA uses an in-house animation software named Fortress AnimationMaker running on Windows 10 workstations to animate its media, with production rates taking usually up to only 5-8 days.

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