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El TV Kadsre Français, lit. El TV Kadsre French, is a French-language free-to-air television channel operated by El TV Kadsre. It was launched in 1985 as Vlokozu Télé as a sister station to Vlokozu Television and became El TV Kadsre Français in 1989.


As Vlokozu Télé

Vlokozu Télé launched on June 2, 1985, as a sister channel to Vlokozu Television, based out of Romrac.

As El TV Kadsre Français

Vlokozu Télé was renamed El TV Kadsre Français in 1989 after it's sister channel was bought out by El TV Kadsre Television Network and relaunched as the educational channel El TV Kadsre 4. It had to be launched in UHF because all of the slots in VHF were full.

Current programs

News & Information

  • El TV Kadsre News en Français (1989-present)
  • 60 Minutes sur L'Horloge (1989-present)


Imported animation

  • Les Simpson (US) (1998-2003, 2016-present) (Country of dubbing: France) (Québécois dub available via SAP)
  • Rick et Morty (US) (2016-present) (Country of dubbing: Belgium) (Québécois dub available via SAP)
  • Myster Mask (US) (1992-1995, 2017-present) (Country of dubbing: France)

Preschool programming (ETVKPS en Français)

  • 5, Rue Sésame (FR) (2006-present) (Reruns)
  • Ni Hao, Kai-Lan (US) (2012-present) (Country of dubbing: France)
  • Le Monde irrésistible de Richard Scarry (CAN/US) (2007-present) (Country of dubbing: Quebec, Canada)
  • La Bande à Picsou (1987) (US) (2005-present) (Country of dubbing: France)
  • Tama et ses amis (JP) (2004-present) (Country of dubbing: Belgium)
  • Chi mon chaton (JP) (2017-present) (Country of dubbing: France)

Children's programming (ETVKK en Français)

  • Bob l'éponge (US) (2003-present) (Country of dubbing: France)
  • Star Butterfly (US) (2015-present) (Country of dubbing: Belgium)
  • Cocotama - Fées aux œufs (JP) (2017-present) (Country of dubbing: Ërëpë)
  • Sagwa le Chat Siamois Chinois (CAN/US) (2002-present) (Country of dubbing: Quebec, Canada)
  • Mes parrains sont magiques (US) (2007-present) (Country of dubbing: Belgium (seasons 1-5), France (season 6-present))
  • La Bande à Picsou (2017) (US) (2018-present) (Country of dubbing: France)
  • Thomas et ses amis (UK) (2006-present) (Country of dubbing: France)
  • Blaise le blasé (CA) (2018-present) (Country of dubbing: Quebec, Canada)
  • Doraemon (JP) (2004-present) (Country of dubbing: France)
  • Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque (JP) (2000-present) (Country of dubbing: France)