El TV Kadsre Spanish is a Spanish-language free-to-air television channel operated by El TV Kadsre.


Current programming

News & Information

  • El TV Kadsre News en Español (1996-present)
  • 60 Minutos (1996-present)


Imports action

Imports comedy

  • El Chavo del Ocho (MEX) (1997-present)
  • Los Simpson (US) (1996-present) (Country of dubbing: Mexico)
  • Rahnan! (BK) (2009-present) (Country of dubbing: Venezuela)

Children's (ETVKK en Español)

  • Bob Esponja (US) (2003-present) (Country of dubbing: Venezuela)
  • The Loud House (US) (2017-present) (Country of dubbing: Mexico)
  • Star vs. las fuerzas del mal (US) (2016-present) (Country of dubbing: Argentina)
  • Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (US) (2018-present) (Country of dubbing: Venezuela (S1), Chile (S2))
  • LazyTown (IS) (2018-present) (Country of dubbing: Chile)
  • Sagwa, la gatita siamesa (CAN/US) (2002-present) (Country of dubbing: Venezuela)
  • Little Witch Academia (JP) (2018-present) (Country of dubbing: Chile)
  • Timothy va a la escuela (CAN) (2018-present) (Country of dubbing: Mexico)
  • Mysticons (CAN) (2018-present) (Country of dubbing: Mexico)
  • Los padrinos mágicos (US) (2005-present) (Country of dubbing: Miami, Florida, United States)
  • Heathcliff (US) (2007-present) (Country of dubbing: Venezuela)
  • Los Gatos Samurai (US) (2018-present) (Country of dubbing: Mexico)
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