El TV Kadsre Television Centre, nicknamed the Heart of El TV Kadsre and formerly Matsushita Studios and EKTV Television Centre is a building complex in Avohkah, El Kadsre City, located next to Maison El TV Kadsre. Built in 1947 and officially opened on November 29, 1949, it is the headquarters of the El TV Kadsre Television Network.

Most of El TV Kadsre's television, film and radio outputs came from the El TV Kadsre Television Centre.

In 2016, El TV Kadsre announced they'll cease broadcasting from the Television Centre in 2022, when the El TV Kadsre Park is completed, however Television Centre will be kept open for usage as a studio by El TV Kadsre, Banushen, and RGN, due to El TV Kadsre and Banushen having many productions based out of Television Centre and because of RGN Holdings Ltd. having signed a lease deal for Studios 11, 2, 3, and 8 and Press A.

In November of 2019, plans for the redevelopment of the Television Centre by Matsushita Real Estate have been revealed, in which Studios 5 through 10, as well as Press B/Office B will be demolished to make way for six new studios as well as four apartment buildings, whilst Studio 4 (the longtime ETVKK studio) is heavily remodeled and expanded.


Studio 1

Built in 1947, Studio 1 is widely used by El TV Kadsre News. At one point, it was also used by Friday Night Live for some sketches while the rest were filmed at Studio 8 and Children on EKTV (now ETVKK) briefly used that studio in 1960 before moving to Studio 4 two months later.

Studio 2

Studio 3

Built in 1955, Studio 3 is one of three filmmaking studios in it's and also the biggest filmmaking studio in the center.

Studio 4

Studio 4 is the longtime ETVKK studio, currently used for certain hosting duties on the ETVKK channel.

Studio 5

Studio 6

Studio 7

Studio 8

Studio 9

Studio 10

Studio 11

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