The El TV Kadsre Video Electronic System was a Famiclone developed and published by El TV Kadsre Television Network's gaming division released in 1986 only in El Kadsre.

Approach Software and Nintendo backed the project as an attempt to produce a lower-cost alternative to their Nintendo Entertainment System, especially in poorer areas of the Vlokozu Union such as much of Sentan and Vicnora.

The ETVKVES can play Famicom games along with most pirated Famicom games.


Whilst Approach and Nintendo were planning their launch of the NES in the Vlokozu Union, they asked El TV Kadsre about producing a lower-cost alternative to the NES. El TV Kadsre agreed with the idea and bought Famicom hardware to produce a console, introducing the ETVKVES the week after the NES' Vlokozuian launch.

Notable titles

Most of the ETVKVES' titles were Famicom games (both the original Japanese versions of several NES games and some imported Japan-only titles) and bootlegs (such as Somari and Street Fighter II: The World Warrior).

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