El TV Kexit (short for El TV Kadsre to exit the MCA) was a campaign run by El TV Kadsre supporters, a commonly used term for El TV Kadsre Television Network's withdrawal from the Music Corporation of America, Inc. The campaign lasted from December 1994 to June 1996. 58% of the population of El Kadsre voted for El TV Kadsre's sale. On July 13, 1996, El TV Kadsre was put up for sale by MCA and El TV Kadsre was acquired by it's original owners, the Matsushita family, making El TV Kadsre independent again after nine years following its sale to MCA in the late 80's.

El TV Kexit saw El TV Kadsre Television Network cutting ties with the Regal Group Network, restoring relations with Toei Company and establishing relations with the Banushen Media Corporation, which is owned by the Matsushita family, which remains to this day. El TV Kexit also led to the downfall of MCA, Inc, which was incorporated to Universal Studios, Inc. later that year. Part of the sale's terms and conditions was that Universal Studios films were still distributed in El Kadsre by El TV Kadsre Films.

The Walt Disney Company, a long-time partner of El TV Kadsre, had helped to get MCA to sell El TV Kadsre "for ETVK's own good".

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