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Elements of Legends is a 1986 rock musical with music by Jose Corazon Levantine and lyric and book by Lucia Di Havana. Based on the 1942 novel of the same name by Willow Bach. The premiered was held in Royal Albert Hall in London, England, U.K. on 10 January 1986.


Act I: The Element

The story follows the life of Dino Grasa, Reckless Summer and Lina Hasta, in the dream of the siblings has house of Hasta.

Musical Number

Act I: The Element

  1. Idle of All - Dino, Lina
  2. Inside to Outside - Dino, Reckless
  3. Paradise of Glamarour - Natalia, Dino, Raza
  4. Raza's Theme - Raza
  5. Enchanted of Descendants - Raza, Natalia
  6. I Must Your Die - Lina, Dino, Reckless
  7. Our Love is Life - Reckless, Dino
  8. Light of The Reach - Reckless, Dino
  9. In The Three Element - Fayra, Issa, Laita
  10. Revenge on The One Titans - Fayra, Black Voids
  11. Respect Own - Dino, Fayra, Issa
  12. Elementique - Fayra, Issa, Laita, Rabbito

Act II: The Armor

  1. Welcome to The Fellarni Castle - Dino, Reckless, Company
  2. Alicia's Theme - Alicia
  3. Will Carry Me - Alicia, Amandes, Golont, Light Soldiers
  4. I Will Be Own - Amandes, Lina
  5. Let's Once Now - Amandes, Alicia, Golont, Reckless, Lina, Dino, Company
  6. Once of The Dark - Raza, Natalia, Black Wiseman
  7. Well, Well, Well, Our Dark - Raza, Natalia, Dino, Lina, Company
  8. Is This Crowns - King Harvester
  9. Unity of Torch - King Harvester, Dino, Reckless, Alicia, Lina
  10. Lost In The Strange, Soul In The Change - Princess Desire
  11. Will Be Better - Raza, Black Voids, Princess Desire
  12. Lina and Alicia's Theme - Lina, Alicia
  13. Arise, Alive - Lina, Alicia, Dino, Reckless, Ensemble
  14. Now It's Time To Say Happy - Fayra, Issa, Laita

Act III: The Final Requiem

  1. Dirya Castle fights Fellarni Castle - Raza, Natalia, Black Wiseman, Black Voids
  2. Can't Stop Me, Will Be A Chance - King Harvester, Princess Desire
  3. Overlord of Lord - Black Voids, Black Wiseman, Dino, Reckless, Lina, Alicia, Light Soldiers
  4. Hillarious of Defeats - Raza, Natalia, Black Voids, Black Wiseman
  5. We Are Light, We Are Night - Rabbito, Fayra, Issa, Laita, Dino, Reckless, Lina, Alicia, Golont, Amandes, King Harvest, Princess Desire, Light Soldier, Company
  6. Forever And Power (finale) - Takashi, Yoshino