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Eliza Jamison Barendregt (born October 1, 1956) is an American rock musician, actress, comedian and dancer.


Barendregt was born in Zanesville, Ohio, the daughter of therapist & part-time surgeon Dennis Barendregt. Her family lived in an apartment in downtown Zanesville.

In 1978, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 21 to attend Georgia State University. While at Georgia State, she performed with The Domes, and sang on their 1980 one-hit wonder "The Greatest Electrician in All of America".

At the age of 25 following her graduation from Georgia State University, she moved again to New York City in 1982 to fulfill her dream of dancing on Broadway.

She toured with The Get-Along Gang Live on Stage! in 1986 as Zipper Cat, and was the oldest member of the touring cast at 30.

Currently, she lives in Florham Park, New Jersey.