Emerald Notwork is an online disscusion and art sharing site that officially launched in 1998 while beta testing took from 1989 to 1998. With the replacing of Theorynet by Star Web, departing of developers, and new features, it was in development hell for a while.

In 1999, an update was added that allowed people on the site to upload, follow, and collect digital art.

In 2000, an official blog by the company for reviewing tech products and for holding Q&A sessions was launched.

In 2013, Matsurai Itbiniten left Emerald Notwork ltd.

In 2016, An app for VR was made called "Emerald Notwork VR". In ENVR, there is a roundtable in which customizable characters can talk (with advanced TTS voices) while passing around art, either drawn by the person or from the Emerald Notwork Artchives and voting on polls.


A well-known tradition of "emeraldminers", users of the wiki, is storytelling. The roleplaying community for "The Octo Guard" is especially popular. Since 2001, thousands of people have been getting into discussions about a story. The roleplay's synopsis involves 3 brothers (Spot; a dinosaur, Martian; an anthropomorphized frog, and Darkory; who is an alien with human qualities) who go to a city called Mixopolis in which they meet 2 sisters that came from other dimensions. The 2 sisters are a microphone with small limbs and a simple face, and a banshee woman with inverted eyes, blue skin, and previously lived at a manor with a girl and others. Their names are Mic and Misery respectively. People either roleplay in a forum with an overall theme to add on to, or in the comments section of a random art piece in the Artchives. If it is the random image's comments that the en/TheOctoGuardOfficial community is roleplaying in, the admins will tell the users the image that the roleplay will go along with. A common joke within the en/TOGO community is the crossing over of random characters from trendy shows. In TOG Adventure Movie: The VidSpace Video, after Spot falls with a parachute, a bunch of cartoon characters (Spyro, Spongebob, Star (SVTFOE), Lincon Loud, Twilight Sparkle, Optimus Prime, and Crash) starts dancing. Crash and Spyro then run over towards the other side of the street, then the cartoon characters get squished by a car, with Crash and Spyro surviving. Overall, the community is lively, with many people considering it one of the biggest forum communities on the site.

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