Emerald Television Network is the second-highest commercial television channel in Conlandia. It was launched on May 9, 1963 and is owned by the Emerald Media Network

ETN has a variety of programs, consisting of news and current affairs, talk shows, sports, children's programs and national and international fiction (TV series and movies).


Emerald Television Network was launched on May 9, 1963 by the Emerald Media Network. Their first program was Welcome to ETN, a show welcoming ETN into the Conlandian television landscape.

On December 17, 1991 (Conlandia's bicentennial), ETN introduced a new set of idents celebrating the bicentennial.

On January 11, 1999, ETN introduced a new set of idents celebrating the millennium.

On November 5, 2003, to coincide with the introduction of digital television in Cogeria, ETN introduced their current set of idents used today.


News and current affairs

  • ETN Breakfast
  • ETN Lunchtime News
  • ETN News Tonight
  • ETN Late Night News
  • ETN News Headlines
  • ETN Weather
  • 60 Minutes Conlandia


  • MotoRacing Conlandia
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Pacific Tour
  • Titans-RX
  • Conlandian Open
  • Australian Open
  • Conlandia 2nd League


  • The John Thomas Show
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Saturday Night in Conlandia
  • Conlandian Idol
  • The Amazing Race Conlandia
  • Cops
  • Undercover Boss
  • Conlandian Ninja Warrior
  • Lip Sync Battle Conlandia
  • Family Feud
  • The Price is Right

Soap operas

  • Coronation Street
  • Neighbours

International series

  • Mr. Bean
  • NCIS
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • NCIS: New Orleans
  • Hawaii Five-0
  • Blue Bloods
  • Elementary
  • Bull
  • MacGyver


  • Paramount Pictures
  • Lions Gate Entertainment
  • Lantern Entertainment
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