Sanshiro Mitsushima, known as Emperor Fukawa III of Fabella is the current emperor of Fabella and all Fabellan-monitored areas.


Sanshiro was born in March 26, 1969 by Mikami and Dante, that time when Fabella was a communist anarchy. Sanshiro loves inventing things when he was young, such as: Tesla-like contraptions, Rube Goldberg machines, etc.

Sanshiro began to study in Shimansk Cosmopolitan University with his course of Theology (Although the government of ESSR did allow such courses, except Monica.). He then transferred to his next course in 1992 (Mitsushima Era) to Towa Catholic College (Towa Catholic University) for Bachelor of Divinity.

In 2011, Sanshiro became Emperor as Fukawa III, days after his older brother Hayate, Emperor Fukawa II's death.

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