Enchanted Kingdom is an El Kadsreian amusement park and entertainment center opened on January 26, 1990, and located near El Kadsre Movie Studios and Kads Assembling Factory, near the urban of El Kadsre City, El Kadsre. It is owned by Enchanted Kingdom Inc. It was one of the most popular El Kadsreian amusement parks along with Star City, Rainbow's End, and Six Flags.


The amusement park's construction took 6 years from 1983 to 1989. It was opened on January 26, 1990.

The park's original roller coasters were Little Dragon, The Beast, Dragon Fire, and Warrior (closed in 2016). In 1995 the park added the Boomerang roller coaster. In 1999, the park added a second wooden roller coaster, Shredder.


Current rides

Roller coasters

Name Year Opened Description
The Beast 1990 An Arrow Dynamics looping roller coaster
Bionicle: The Ride 1991 A Vekoma Illusion roller coaster themed around the Bionicle franchise.
Boomerang 1995 A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster
Dragon Fire 1990 An Arrow Dynamics mine train roller coaster
Little Dragon 1990 A Zierer small Tivoli kiddie coaster
Shredder 1999 A GCI wooden coaster

Thrill Rides

Name Year Opened Description
Anchors Away 1990 A Huss Pirate Ship ride
Chaos 1997 A Chance Rides Chaos ride
Inverter 1993 A Chance Inverter ride
Space Shuttle 1990 An Intamin Looping Starship ride

Family Rides

  • Mill Race (1990; A log flume ride)
  • Ghost Blasters (2000; A Sally interactive dark ride)
  • Scrambler (1990)
  • Grand Carousel (1990)

Kiddie Rides

  • Dino-Soars (1990; A Zamperla Mini Jet ride)
  • Worm Roundabout (1990; A Hampton Ride kiddie umbrella ride themed to a worm)
  • Crazy Bus (1995; A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride)
  • Fire Patrol (1990; A Zamperla kiddie roundabout ride with fire trucks)
  • Junior Harbor (1990; A Hampton Ride kiddie umbrella ride themed to motor boats)

Former Rides

  • Warrior (A PTC wooden coaster; 1990-2016)

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