Enyu "Edward" Ni (Chinese: 恩裕倪) is a Singaporean-born Canadian actor. He has appeared in several TV shows and movies, but is better known as the second voice of Darren, the main character of the PBS Kids series Mole Miner. Since 2019's Mole Miner: Strike It Richer, Enyu has voiced Darren's friend Harry, taking over from the late Gabe Khouth.


Enyu was born in Singapore at KK Women's and Children's Hospital to Chinese Singaporean parents. At the age of 4, he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where he was raised by his parents and grandmother from then on. He went to high school at King George Secondary School and attended Full Sail University. He was a cast member for 3 years at Walt Disney World in Florida, and also performed Derango for a The Reppies live tour and was part of the Clue Crew in Season 1 of Where in the U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego?. He moved back to Vancouver in mid-2003 where he made his voice acting debut.

In late 2004, Enyu was cast as the new voice actor for Darren in Mole Miner, having voiced Bush the Panda in Phelan Morkel's other series Morten. Enyu stated that "taking over as the voice of Darren was one of the greatest honors of my life". Enyu first voiced Darren for the Latikuu Edacra "In the Navy" music video and single in November 2004. He performed as the suit actor for Darren in Mole Miner Live! It's A Party! in 2008-09 alongside Jessie Mallinson and Charlie McEwen.

In 2019, Enyu returned to the Mole Miner franchise for the Mole Miner Twitter Videos, taking over the role of Harry, Darren's friend, from the late Gabe Khouth (who last voiced Harry for Mole Miner: Strike It Richer and Latikuu Edacra's A Video Party with Darren prior to his passing, with his brother Samuel Vincent filling in for Latikuu Edacra's Global Video Party and two of Harry's lines in Strike It Richer). With Andrew Francis having returned to the role of Darren in 2013, Enyu felt "voicing Darren's friend Harry was naturally the best option for returning to Darren's world."

Personal Life

Enyu resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In 2018, he worked with the Rainbow Railroad to help a Malay Singaporean friend flee Singapore, where he had been persecuted, and helped him gain asylum in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He later helped a Malaysian man and two Guyanese women gain asylum in Vancouver in 2019.

He is friends with Howie Bogaert, who has referred to him as "being like an older brother to me."

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