Eric Harrison (born May 1, 1976 in South Korea) is an American videographer, voice-over-artist, and actor and the chairman of The Theme Park Crew.


Eric was adopted by an American family through Holt International Children's Services as a child. He was raised in Berwyn, Illinois not too far from Chicago, and is a naturalized American citizen. He reunited with his biological brother, adopted by a Mormon family from Utah, in 2007, and in 2011 they reunited with their biological mother, who now lives in New Zealand.

He began doing work for TV in 1994 for WKDA-TV in Chicago, also doing voice-over work for the station.

Top 10 Coasters

  1. Intimidator 305
  2. Fury 325
  3. Steel Vengeance
  4. Millennium Force
  5. Maverick
  6. The Beast
  7. Raging Bull
  8. Mindbender SFOG
  9. Twisted Colossus
  10. X2

Voice Credits


  • TV Stations:
    • WBNB-TV (St. Thomas, USVI) (2009-present) (English)
    • WOJB-TV (Southern Tier, NY) (2005-present) (English)
  • Theme Parks:
    • T Express Announcer (Everland, South Korea) (Korean)
    • Six Flags Asian Parks Safety Spiels (English/Korean/Japanese/Mandarin)
    • The Bush Beast Queue Line Announcer (Six Flags Sydney, Australia) (English)
    • Six Flags Commercials (2005) (English)
    • Disneyland Australia Resort Commercials (2007-2011) (English)


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