Ericka Ilizabeth Streets (2nd July, 1985-10th November, 2010) was a Jetanie-born Kuboian singer-songwriter, television personality, record producer, rapper, actress and author, perhaps best known as the unofficial mascot of Nick Go!

Early life

Ericka Ilizabeth Streets was born in Kuboian Borders, Jetania (now in South Kuboia) on 2nd July, 1985, although she moved to Fahrbhanin in North Kuboia when she was two years old. Eventually, Ericka's parents divorced when she was four years old, causing her to become almost completely estranged to her father and older brother, Hugo Streets. Due to having difficulty fitting in and frequently having fights in school, Ericka never attended education further than her first year in Advanced School.


1999 to 2000

During early 1999, MTV Networks Kuboia were hiring for hosts for the then-upcoming children's television channel Nick Go! Ericka was encouraged by her mother to apply - she had an informal interview with Rodrick Miles in August 1999, and was originally rejected until Blade Holter allegedly convinced Rodrick to change his mind. Ericka made her debut on television (and in the media as a whole) on 15th October, 1999, where she co-hosted the one-off special Welcome To Nick Go! with Blade.


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