Ericka Ilizabeth Streets[1] (2nd July, 1985-10th November, 2010) was a Jetanie-born Kuboian television personality, singer-songwriter, rapper, actress and author. With a career lasting eleven years, she is regarded as one of the most influential television presenters of all-time, as well as one of the most celebrated and honoured Kuboian celebrities in the 21st century.

Behind Charlie Karma, Ericka is the second best-selling Kuboian musical artist of all-time. During her time alive, she was considered the most iconic and popular Kuboian celebrity. Her 2002 single "Here We Go", which features vocals from Kool Teazer, is the best-selling single of all-time in Kuboia.

Early life

Ericka Ilizabeth Streets was born in Kuboian Borders, Jetania (now in South Kuboia) on 2nd July, 1985, although she moved to Fahrbahnin in North Kuboia when she was two years old. Eventually, Ericka's parents divorced when she was four years old, causing her to become almost completely estranged to her father and older brother, Hugo Streets. Due to having difficulty fitting in and frequently having fights in school, Ericka never attended education further than her first year in Advanced School.


1999 to 2000

During early 1999, MTV Networks Kuboia were hiring for hosts for the then-upcoming children's television channel Nick Go! Ericka was encouraged by her mother to apply - she had an informal interview with Rodrick Miles in August 1999, and was originally rejected until Blade Holter allegedly convinced Rodrick to change his mind. Ericka made her debut on television (and in the media as a whole) on 15th October, 1999, where she co-hosted the one-off special Welcome To Nick Go! with Blade.

Personal life

Ericka moved out of her mother's home on her fourteenth birthday, relying on benefits to help her live on her own. In 2001, she temporarily shared a Jetkeep with some of her colleagues until she moved into her own studio flat later that year.

During her time alive, Ericka, on multiple occasions, claimed she was capable of talking to animals.

Relationship with Spy Fandel

Ericka start dating Superbus co-host Spy Fandel in December 2001. Ericka's family and friends were concerned about the two's relationship due to their age gap (Ericka was 16 at the time, and Spy was only 14 years old). Ericka proposed to Spy on his twentieth birthday on 14th January, 2007, and the two married each other on the 23rd that year. Although Spy legally adopted the surname Streets following the two's marriage, he kept his previous surname as a stage name.

Despite being married, Ericka and Spy never officially lived together, mostly due to both of them constantly having to travel.

Ericka and Spy remained married until the former's death. However, Spy revealed in a 2011 interview that the two were planning on getting a divorce, and that the two had separated a week before Ericka's death.

Mental health

Ericka was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome when she was seven years old. In 2004, she revealed that she had obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In March 2004, Ericka revealed that she was pregnant with a baby, which was due in October that year. However, she ended up suffering a miscarriage a few months later. According to Ericka's brother Hugo in an interview shortly after her death, he revealed that Ericka had been suffering post-traumatic stress disorder from the miscarriage.


On 10th November, 2010, at around 11:32p.m., Ericka was found dead by her older brother, Hugo, in her flat. He had supposedly driven over to comfort her after sending him nihilistic texts the previous day. The following day, her death was ruled as a suicide via hanging. According to police authorities, she appeared to have died right before Hugo could reach her.

According to her family, Ericka had spent the last two weeks of her life arguing with her longtime friends, who simply told her to move on after being frustrated over the closure of Nick Go!, which in turn left her in limbo. According to Blade Holter, she was frequently sending him and others text messages about how life is apparently meaningless. Despite spending most of her life a teetotaller, Ericka became addicted to alcohol during her last few days alive.

Ericka did not leave a suicide note, nor did she leave a will, except for one request that her flat could be used by her close friends and family for security reasons. She had a net worth of over €100 million at the time of her death - the money was handed out to those close to her, as well as those who she collaborated with. However, some of her close friends, such as Kool Teazer, rejected any money.

In 2017, Blade Holter spoke about how Ericka's suicide was made out of impulse, and that he believes her life would have improved had she chosen to stay alive.

Public reactions

Ericka's death was made public on 11th November at around 6:00a.m., with the cause of death being revealed immediately. Her name appeared in the top ten for most-searched terms on the internet for at least two weeks. Some websites, mostly those related to news, show business and especially Kuboian culture, crashed due to the overload of page visits. All of her albums, as well as many of her most popular songs, re-entered many national record charts.

Memorial service

Ericka Streets' funeral was held on 1st December. Over a million fans put their name forward to attend the funeral in person - 5,000 tickets were given out. The funeral began with a public ceremony, followed by a private memorial attended by Ericka's closest friends.

Tribute concert

On 11th November, 2020, a large concert dedicated to Ericka Streets was held in Gutstone, East Kuboia. The six-hour concert saw many of Ericka's friends and past collaborators performing live in front of a large audience.

Musical style

Ericka Streets mostly targeted children and teenagers with her music, but also tried to appeal towards an older audience. Her music typically consisted of melodic vocals combined with catchy instrumentals. Though mostly a singer, Ericka was also known for occasionally rapping on her songs.

When recording an album, Ericka would always insist on adding at least one "standout" track, which would sound significantly different compared to the rest of the tracks.


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Studio albums

Compilation albums

  • Greatest Hits (2011)

Other ventures

Ericka served as the main director for the game Blocky's Big Jam.


  1. Pronounced "eh-ree-ka".
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