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   Eruowood is a country located in Central America, in the Atlantic Ocean. It was a US colony from 1867 to 1960, but it was never a US state.


  • Eruowood's currency is dollar (aka Eruowoodian Bucks).
  • The drinking age is 18 (albeit in some smaller cities, the age is still 17).
  • When referring to something belonging to Eruowood, it is referred to as "Eruowoodian".
  • Since 1990, Eruowood has nationwide legalized gambling.
  • Eruowood has a larger male population than female.
  • Same sex marriage was legalized in Eruowood in 2003. The country has a lot of LGBT citizens.
  • Eruowood has used the Metric system since it's independence in 1960, and fully converted over by 1962 when all the road/highway signs were changed.


Eruowoodians have an appreciation for soccer, baseball and American football.


  • Eruowood was the first fictional country to have home video game consoles. TechEruo released the TV Board and Sports Game in 1973.
  • Eruowood's cars drive on the right.
  • Eruowood's standard plug sockets are Type A and B, similar to the United States.
  • Eruowood's official technology company is TechEruo.
  • Eruowood mostly prefers PAL.
  • The first internet connection in Eruowood was in late 1989 at the TechEruo HQ.




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