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For user page, see EsaieGregoryPrickett (formerly EsaïeOnWikia).

Esaïe Gregory Prickett is a Vicnoran YouTuber. He lives in Tugaganda, Vicnora. The most popular video is Plushie Fight! with over 10 million views. The first video was a compilation of drawball.com incident footage (most notably Polandball).


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Video Views Upload date Description Comments
Countryballs: All Aboard 292K December 19, 2018 The Countryballs of Gapia, Esquarium, and Earth all go on UKBall’s ship. But a monster eats them! 2.1K
Who will prevail? 104 million December 4, 2018 A documentary about Pewdiepie vs T-Series. 593K
The Last Guest-An Action Movie 45 million November 29, 2018 Will The Last Guest save his species before they die out? 298K
Nerry Marin review 9K November 10, 2018 Im taking a review on this bad boy. 3K
Plushie Fight! The Return 15 million October 9, 2018 PLUSHIE FIGHT RETURNS! 19K