The 'Escape of the Takajima and Ochiai Clans' (Japanese: 高島と落合一族の脱出, Hepburn: 'Takajima to Ochiai Ichizoku no Dasshutsu') was a major escape took place between December 22 and December 30 of 2007. Team Crimson’s army was at the peak during winter of that year, and due to Kagami Ochiai’s magical protection due to expiring on December 21, her actual birthday, Susumu Takajima and the entire Ochiai Clan needed to transport her to a safe place. As a result, both the Takajima and Ochiai Clans travelled to Coronary Falls in New Saitama to protect her.



Kagami Ochiai began her life on December 21, 1989 to Hideo and Kisumi Ochiai as their first child and the fifth grandchild of Shigeru and Asuka Ochiai. Upon Team Crimson learning of a prophecy that Hearthcliffe could be defeated by Kagami Ochiai, they ultimately set out to defeat both Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai, but frequently failed due to both of them fighting back.

Fred Fuchs learned of this protection in 2005 and sought to get rid of Takajima and Ochiai when they both came of age. In November 2007, there was another breakout of Crimsonites at the Minecraftia Prison in Kozankyo. Fuchs had control over the Minecraftian Ministry of Culture and even developed devices to observe every action of any person they choose.

Escape from Kozankyo

"Hideo, put everyone inside an RV. We'll also take two cars as well."
- Miyuki Takajima, to Hideo Ochiai

Both the Takajima and Ochiai Clans immediately left Kozankyo after school got let out on December 21, 2007. After a four-hour drive to Coronary Falls in New Saitama, and when the Takajima Clan was renting a hotel room, Kagami received a phone call from her paternal grandfather, stating her paternal grandmother, Asuka Ochiai, was in the hospital. Doctors discovered she had suffered kidney failure. When the Ochiai Clan, as well as Driller himself, went to visit her, she had died.

Attack on Coronary Falls and Kozankyo

"It started snowing pretty hard around dinnertime on Christmas Eve. We were on our way down to my grandfather's mansion and we were ambushed by gusty winds and of course, some of the former Team Ankoku grunts. Those guys were no fun, and I think that Fred Fuchs must've grabbed some of the survivors and cryofroze them!"
- Kagami Ochiai, describing the events

Hearthcliffe became enraged when he learned that Driller and Kagami weren't in Kozankyo. In an act of revenge, he summoned a powerful blizzard that dropped more than 75 cm of snow. The blizzard affected almost all of Northern Minecraftia, affecting the provinces of Gatashima, Minecraftia, New Saitama, Hari, Toppurando, and Kabayashi.

On that Christmas Eve, Driller and Kagami get a text message from Kumiko who performed a blessing on her late mother's grave. While looking around the New Saitama Cemetary, he notices three former Team Ankoku grunts cryogenically frozen. Upon using the spell card Fire Sign "Dragon's Beam", the ice melts, freeing the prisoners. A battle between the hackers and the titular duo ensues, with Driller and Kagami winning the bout.

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