'Eternal Paradise' (Japanese: 久遠の楽園; Hepburn: 'Kuon no Rakuen') is the 20th song in the soundtrack for Touhou 5: Mystic Square. It is played during the endings of Mima and Yuka Kazami.


Touhou 5: Mystic Square

The song made its first and only appearance in the fifth Touhou Project installment, Mystic Square, during the endings of Mima and Yuka Kazami.

Music Comments

Official comments from the .s3m file:

I wanted to make something like a piano solo, but... yeah. (lol) It totally ends right in the middle, though...

Music Sample

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2A03 (NA/PAL version)

Eternal Paradise 2A03

N163 (JP version)

Eternal Paradise N163
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