The Euro Republics is a country in Europe, it is located north of France, south of the UK, Crystalania, Autia and Ireland, east of Belgium and west of France, also.


The country was founded on October 29, 1633 by Welshman Henri Llyon and by 1956 had 4 million, now, 6 billion are residing in the country.


Various artists are known from being from the Euro Republics. The country was the introduction of the Dance-rock genre with the USA and the UK.


The main television channels in the ER are the goverment-owned ETV channels, ETV1, ETV2 and ETV3 and the privately owned channels from TV3. Some European channels can also be viewed in the Euro Republics, mostly from France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Italy.


Radio stations in the Euro Republics include the RER publicly-funded stations, along with the 3Radio stations.


  • January 1 - New Year’s Day
  • Febuary 15 - Children’s Day
  • Last Sunday in May - Mother‘s Day
  • Late May/Ealrly June to September - No School
  • First Sunday in June - Father’s Day
  • Late October to November - Founders Holidays’
  • Last Thursday in November - Thanksgiving
  • December 25 - Christmas
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