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Excali-Borg (also known as The Princess and the Sentient Knight) is a 1987 Vlokozuian science-fantasy film directed by Matthew Arnold and written by Alexander Sebastian, John Horner, and Alexa Sebastian. The film stars Dean Norman as the Sentient, alongside Brandom Stringer, Michi Ritsuko, Goro Yukimura, Lex Moore, Deven Elliott, Yasi Tanaka, and Takiyo Karoi. The film is set in the medieval era, where Princess Calriva discovers a robot inside a pod from the sky named Sentient. After overhearing that a rival kingdom plans to execute a full-scale attack on the kingdom Calriva and the Sentient reside in, the latter attempts to teach Sentient to fight in order to save their kingdom.

Excali-Borg was released in the Vlokozu Union on May 20, 1987, and in International territories on May 25, 1987. The film grossed over $87 million against its production budget of $41 million. Upon its release, the film received generally positive reviews from critics, praising the cast's performances, special effects, and the film's concept.