Føtzka Telesynvarp oc Radien (English: Fuei Television and Radio) is the state-owned national public television network of Fuei that is served nationwide, and worldwide with their channel, FTR Internatjonalle.


FTR was founded by the monarch in 1938, following the test transmissions of their first channel, FTR 1, officially launched in 1945. The radio station was launched officially in 1939, FTR Radien 1.

In 1948, after the communist revolution, the TV network was renamed by George Rakouzga called, Fueian Central Radio and Television (Fueian: Føtzka Sentramid Radien oc Telesynvarp). It was renamed back in 1988. In June 1999, FTR launched a new logo, which is currently used today, to celebrate the new millennium, it affected all FTR channels and radio stations in 2000.

Radio stations

Television channels

International availability

  • Iceland - Available over-the-air due to border signal crossing
  • El Kadsre - Freeview and Paintbox carry all of FTR's TV channels.
  • Barokia - All FTR channels are available.
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