FBN Studios is a production and dubbing company owned by FBN Corporation, it was also known for translating games into Tagalog.

List of works

TV shows from the Philippines

  • We are the Go Jetters (2019-2020) (co-producted with BBC Studios)
  • Detective of Nakumigan City (2015-present)

co-productions (fictional)

  • Go Jetters (season 3 onwards)

Tagalog-dubbed works

TV series (including cartoons)

  • Cheers
  • Happy Days
  • WKRP in Cincinnati
  • Zip Zip
  • Kitty is not a Cat
  • Go Jetters (season 2 onwards, season 1 was handled by ABS-CBN-owned dubbing studios under subsidiary of CPI)
  • Birdz
  • Weird Science
  • Untalkative Rabbit


  • Demon Slayer
  • Danganronpa: the Animation
  • Persona 5: The Animation
  • Fire Force

Games (can be found at "Filipino" at language selector) (usually voices dubbed with text translated)

  • Puyo Puyo series
  • Madou Matagatari series
  • Sonic Generations
  • Sonic Forces
  • Sonic Mania
  • Fall Guys (FBN Games Launcher edition) (note: only GUI is translated due to any characters speaks at all times)
  • Space Channel 5 series (note: FBN Studios dubbing stuff cant dub Morolian voices due to giberrish making it impossible to dub, making to subtitles Morolian language in Filipino language instead and also happened to Michael Jackson (also known as Space Michael) in similarly to Japanese version)
  • Persona series
  • The World Ends With You
  • WarioWare series (note: FBN Studios rather to just subtitles the voice and translate text than dub)
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