'Faith is for the Transient People' (Japanese: 信仰は儚き人間の為に; Hepburn: 'Shinkō wa Hakanaki Ningen no Tame Ni'), alternately called Faith for the Transient in the .it file, is the eleventh song on the soundtrack for Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith. It is played during the stage 5 boss fight with Sanae Kochiya.


Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith

The song first appeared in the tenth installment of the Touhou Project series during the fifth stage boss fight with Sanae Kochiya.

Killer Minecraft 3: Hisoutensoku

The song appears again in the third Killer Minecraft game, Hisoutensoku, during Sanae's stage. The song is played differently: patterns 1 - 14 are played infinitely, while patterns 26 - 34 are played repeatedly during the critical stage of the fight.

Music Comments

Official comments from the .it file:

This is Sanae Kochiya's theme.
It feels like the metal section suddenly got bigger here; I thought I'd give this a heavy feeling, but I got careless and overdid it, which is a bad habit of mine. Tee hee.
Whether it's the melody or something else, it's the heaviest in this game. From this point on, it suddenly becomes bright, and at the end, it kind of lost its touch...
The stronger they are, the less the feeling of tension: this is the promise in Gensokyo.

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