Fake It, Make It (often shortened down to FIMI), was an American comedy game show where contestants come up with a fake product and then try and create it to win cash prizes. The game show was hosted by Adam Dudzik from seasons 1-6 (syndicated) and by Jai Scott Wormald from seasons 7-15 (Prime Time on LifeNetwork). The original syndicated version aired from September 30, 1998, to October 12, 2003, and the Prime Time version aired from January 10, 2004, to December 31, 2012.

Main Game

The main game consisted of 3 contestants (changed to 4 in 2010) who invent their own fake products. They then have to invent that product using

  • Material needed for packaging (plastic, paper, etc.)
  • Liquid needed for soft drinks, soap, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Ingredients needed for food (cookies, chocolate, etc.)
  • Batteries needed for electronic products.

If the product actually works, they are given cash prizes. If the product doesn't work, they are eliminated and go home with the money they earn in the previous round. The money goes up each round, as seen below. The prizes changed every few years.

In 2010, and extra round was added before the Final Round.

1998-2003 2004-2009 2010-2012
Round 1- $10,000 Round 1- $15,000 Round 1- $20,000
Round 2- $25,000 Round 2- $30,000 Round 2- $50,000
Round 3- $50,000 Round 3- $65,000 Round 3- $75,000
FINAL ROUND- $100,000 FINAL ROUND- $150,000 Round 4- $100,000
FINAL ROUND- $250,000

Rarely Aired Pilot

The unaired pilot episode of FIMI was filmed on November 3, 1996, and rarely shown on TV in 1997. It was also shown in a 2007 documentary about the show.

The show featured 3 contestants: Sam, Kelly, and Roger. The winner of the show was Kelly (full name: Kelly Jessica), who re-appeared in a 2007 episode, who won $65,000, before losing in the final round. She then became the host of Life Shopping in 2010.

Sam became the voice actor of Suckman College's Danny Dave in 2012, and Roger became a news columnist for various newspapers.

Final Round

The Final Round consists of the contestant having two minutes to solve a computerized crossword puzzle. Each crossword contains normal products and fake products. Normal products up and fake products are down. If you complete the crossword within the two minutes, you win $100,000 (changed to $150,000 in 2004 and then $250,000 in 2010.


On 13 November 2013, it was announced that Life Network would cancel Fake It, Make It. Then it was revealed on 17 May 2017 that there would be a revival and that you could sign up for the show until 21 December. The revival is planned to air in January/February 2018.

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