Here is the full list of the companies that have at least one fake seizure-inducing logo, not recommended for those who are prone to epilepsy. Please, if you find one, add to the list. At the moment there are 3 companies with 2 logos:


  • Maxxx: Pre-launch idents (Flashing Maxxx, Melting Maxxx, Blurry Maxxx, Dots, Flashing Stars and Indian Maxxx variants)
  • SK at Nite: Crazy ident
  • Solar Kids: Robots ident
  • ITN Kids: Flying ident


  • Oasina City Productions: Film Deteriorated variant like Edward Small Productions and Hollywood-Far East Productions, Inc.
  • Roblox Pictures: Last part of the logo
  • El TV Kadsre Films: Film Deteriorated variant.

Home Video

  • ABC Comedy (Japan): 1st and 2nd Logos
  • Amorim Nazario: There is a one out of one thousand chance of having a flashing version of the Amorim Nazario logo in a Amorim Nazario VHS tape.
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