Fandomia is an country in North America, Africa and Europe, and also the largest country in the world.


Danish, French, Russian and British colonization (1636-1845)

The Danish Empire was taking Greenland and Iceland while Russian taking over Alaska, French was taking the Northern Fandomia and British was taking the Southern Fandomia.

Wikia's independence (1845-1876)

After the colonization, Wikian Republic Kingdom declared independence from British Empire, Russian Empire and French Empire.

In 1876, Wikian Republic Kingdom Wins the war, and give independence.

Wikian Republic Kingdom (1876-1900)

After the war, Wikian Republic Kingdom is taking over Greenland, Iceland, Some parts of Norway and Sweden, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Wikian Republic Kingdom become the first largest country in the world.

Modern Fandomia (1900-present)

Wikian Republic Kingdom was renamed to Fandomia, and Canary Islands joins Fandomia.

During World War I, World War II and Cold War, Fandomia would likely remain neutral.

In 1997, Fandomia joined the European Union, North American Union, African Union and The Nordic Council.

Today, Fandomia is the second safest country, first friendliest country in the world, fifth peaceful country in the world, fifth coldest country in the world, and twentieth hottest country in the world.

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