Fanonayeo is an Brazilian website hosted by Fanonreavity.

It lets users create their own ideas without getting deleted.

There is only English and Portuguese, and the other languages are fanon languages on there.

An Spanish Fanonayeo is in the works.

Fanonayeo was created on December 26, 1997, as an school project by Marcia Monção.

It was launched 1 year later in English, and Portuguese 3 days later.


As an school project (Chayeo)

Fanonayeo was created as an simple website for an school contest for Best Website by Student. Marcia learned a bunch of code in the period. 3 days before it ended she coded the site and then showed it to school.

As a result, Fanonayeo won the contest and gotten an gold medal.

It was lost until the same date next year, when she discovered it during Winter Break. She added an chat, and an policy for users to use any POV they want, and then launched as Fanonayeo, and when article is finished, it will publish but have admins to edit it to make more realistic.

Early growth

The site was popularized by Fraudude, an Mario hacker which used the site to make his games like it was real.

in 1999, an new logo was made. In 2019, the logo updated.

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