Faunus Wars is an El Kadsreian adult animated fantasy television series created by Parker Shaph. The series ran on El TV Kadsre 3 from June 7, 2011 to 17, 2015 for five seasons, called "Parts", and a total of 55 episodes. The series returned on ETVK0 from October 20 to October 30, 2016 for Part VI, consisting of 11 episodes.


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In a fictional version of Earth lives a race of part human, part animal creatures called Faunus, who co-exist with human beings. The Faunus are often seen by humans as wild threats, and they live in fear and shame. Five teenagers—Gordon Wallens, Kate Mending, Kenna Hao, Liz Kazubaya, and Thomas Koben—fight for equality.

Voice cast and characters

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Home media

DVD and Blu-ray releases for Faunus Wars were distributed by El TV Kadsre Television Network in Region 2. 8 discs were released in El Kadsreian Islands.

In Region 1 (North America), the DVD's and Blu-ray discs were distributed by CBS Home Entertainment under their respective CBS DVD and CBS Blu-ray brands. Following the release of the Part I disc, Paramount Home Entertainment discontinued release of the discs through CBS Home Entertainment.

No. Title Episodes Distributor Release date Region
1 Faunus Wars: Part I Part I El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment October 3, 2011 2
CBS DVD January 2, 2012 1
2 Faunus Wars: Part II Part II El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment November 2, 2012 2
Paramount Home Entertainment March 2, 2013 1
3 Faunus Wars: Part III Part III El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment November 2, 2013 2
Paramount Home Entertainment February 2, 2014 1
4 Faunus Wars: The War at the Theorium
  • "The Moonrise Book, Chapter V" (2.10)
  • "The Moonrise Book, Chapter VI" (2.11)
  • "The Fallout Book, Chapter I" (3.1)
  • "The Fallout Book, Chapter II" (3.2)
  • "The Fallout Book, Chapter III" (3.3)
El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment April 11, 2014 2
Paramount Home Entertainment September 19, 2014 1

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