The constituent units of Fabella - one of the provinces and federal subjects of importance are the political divisions of the Fabellan Federation. The country, since 2016 has currenty 56 federal subjects.

Fabella has 12 administrative states that can handle economy, defense, technology, and culture. In accordance to Apostolic Act of 2006, No. 8654, the policy states that "The Federation, one in accord, will have at least 12 federal subjects as administrative subjects of importance - for the Administrative See, agricultural purposes, defense entities, economy, culture and technology".


As of 2018, Article 7, in the Constitution of Accord of Fabella states: "No. 1. Having the country, consisting of oblasts, krais, principalities, and prefects as constituent entites; keeping the four core objectives: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. Though some entities have different religions in rural and other areas, it is of the Constitution that Fabella, is in union with race, religion, and ethnicity, through Christ, our Lord."

Therefore, it is based on Russia's terminology, however there are tweaks there.

Rank Fukav English Official Name
Rank I Kinyacestvo Principality - royal state Apostolic and Administrative Principality
Rank II Respublika Republic Autonomous Region / Republic
Rank III Krai Territory Autonomous Territory
Rank IV Oblast Region Region / Federal state
Rank V Okrug Ethnic area Centre and Ethnicity State
Rank VI Prefekt Co-administrate region [Demonym of Principality] Prefecturate


Types of federal subjects are designated as classes, which are:

Legend Description
Class I - Principalities States that are ran by a prince of princess, having apostolic Catholic-based legislature.
Class II - Republics Autonomous, having its own constitution and legislature. It is home of the ethnic minority. Either ran by a governorate or a chancellery.
Class III - Krais Territories, with history and unions of two or three oblasts. Same as Oblasts.
Class IV - Oblasts Regions that have the Governor's Assembly.
Class V - Okrugs Predominant ethnicity and culture.
Class VI - Prefects With help from principalities.



Class I - the governing body is the Throne of the State.

Code Flag Name Capital Prince/Princess Description
Tudrana (2019)
Tudrana Kirigiri (administrative)

Knyaz-Bavliechnya (economic)

Her Serene Highness, Catherine VI, Princess of Tudrana Center of Tudranic culture
Fukawa (2019)
Fukawa Syoransk (administrative)

Bariola-Fukavsk (economic)

Her Highness, Touko Fukawa, Princess of Fukawa Center of Fukav ethnicity
Towa (1998-2011)
Towa Tovanska (administrative)

Coalinechnya (economic)

Her Highness, Komaru Naegi, Princess of Towa Technological state
Sa'yard (Saihara) Compostela His Majestic Reverance, Shuichi Saihara, Crown Prince of Tudrana and Sa'yard Sayaric centre of culture


Class II - either a governorate or chancellery

Code Flag Name Capital Head of state Description
05 Abqarstan Bkwaznud
Ar'taqqa Sarkhan Chancellor Alvine Marauvt Under Islamic Governance
07 Awad-kilaz Kynzyn
08 Balsostan Balsensk
09 Bagradia Dons-guld
10 Tzabachnya/Csaba-sire (Chabashira) Chabansk Largest republic by area
11 Cayaldan Gybiz
12 Dagmarstan Ryvevsku
13 El Eschen Essensk
14 Govrelgesh Autonomous (Gokuhara) Govralgansk Habitants of Govrak and Perlgesh Naegics
15 Ishmarg People's (Ishimaru) Yzmarinsk
Joshuedia Imperial Dzoshua-gorod (Capital of Fabella)
Kamukura People's Federal Lipovka Chancellor Hajime Hinata Socialist state
Kuryaz (Precuria) Kanon Governor Aya Minazuki Are Pretty Cures there?
19 Mzkadan Dirin-byz
P.R Ouma
Ouma People's Kaskigrad Chancellor Graweltzer Ravant
21 Pa'kchod Barlag
22 Sormovia Yryn
Togami Krai
Togami Togeslana Chancellor Byakuya Togami



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