Feyrouz Oshiro (born April 5, 1972) is a Celdonian voice actress.


Feyrouz was born in 1972 to Japanese-Barokian parents in Celdonia.

In 2000, she met her future husband Hörður Faheemsson at the first annual Barokia Dubbing Awards. In 2001, knowing English and Japanese, she followed him to El Kadsre for projects at Power Network and Returned and Services League. She learnt Vicnoran and Pansauran as a result, and also worked with him in Vicnora and Pansaura.

Feyrouz and Hörður married in 2007 in Bahezki, Barokia in the company of fellow Barokian voice actors Lucy Chahuán, Ramat Gan Chahuán, Muhammetkaliy Sultanbekova, Hidayatullah van der Heijden, and Kareena Feyrouz Al-Ajlani and El Kadsreian voice actors Brock Baker, Andy Wilson, Christopher Berger, Sakuna Meijineri, Naoki Takenaka, and Liza Crespo.


  • Sharon Spitz in Braceface (Barokian, Vicnoran (Jetix version), and Geratizou Pansauran dubs)
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